How to Create Paytm Business|Merchant account in 10 Minutes

how to create paytm business | merchant account

Having a lot of question on Paytm Business Account like how to create, charges, account creations process so on. then you’re in right place. let us share the way to make a real account on Paytm business app. but before proceeding to merchant account lets take a Small look on what’s Paytm?

Paytm is an Indian e-commerce payment system company. The company offers online use-cases like mobile recharges, utility bill payments, travel, movies, and events bookings also as in-store payments at grocery stores, fruits etc. now move to paytm business account.

Paytm Business | Merchant Account

The main aim of launching paytm for business to simply accept all quite online payment and transfer to your bank account directly. With instant settlement paytm doesn’t cost any charge for accepting payment and transferring to your bank account. Anyone can make Paytm Business account following these easy steps

Step to Create Paytm Business| Merchant Account

  • Download Paytm for Business App from google play store.
  • Login with same Paytm mobile number that you have on paytm. Or click on create an account.
  • Click on “START ACCEPTING PAYMENT ” option.
  • Head to “PROCEED TO CREATE ACCOUNT” in the page of “things you will need to create your account”.


  • STEP 1
    • Give a suitable business name.
    • Select the right category of your business.
    • May leave the choices of referral option if you’ve got so can fill either leave.
    • Click on Proceed.
  • STEP 2 Paytm will send money directly to your account for that it asking the bank detail
    • Provide Valid Bank account detail as per requirement.
    • again enter a bank account number.
    • Enter right IFSC Code of your account.
  • STEP 3 Business Address
    • Give the address detail of your business place.
    • if you don’t have any shop then you could enter your home address also.
    • with the address enter city and state also
    • click on proceed.
  • STEP 4 Verify Identity (Pan Card)
    • For identification put Pan card detail which is linked with the same bank account the detail
    • Enter Name of person whose pan card you are entering.
    • Click on Proceed button.

*Note – on step 4 there will be the option of “Do it later”. if you don’t have pan card then you can go with this option. but if you didn’t fill pan card then you are able to take money from end user’s wallet to your Paytm business wallet. Kindly fill the proper detail of pan card

After this process Paytm for Business App show the Review Details. Check all field properly and move to “Submit Application” options.

Congratulations, Now you’re having paytm business |merchant account. you’ll see dashboard your QR code and display name.

How to Change Display | Business Name

How to change dispaly | business name lets take a easy way.

For changing a display name you have to make a call to paytm customer care number or paytm merchant helpline 01204440440.

make sure call should be from registered number. you have to valid reason for changing display | business name. Then customer care share link. you can go throw and change paytm business name easily.

If call not connected then you can go to helpdesk section of your paytm business account app then write mail from there.

Check Limit of Business | Merchant Account

To check limit advance to profile section select “charge and limit options”. you’ll ready to see your limit. in starting paytm business account gives 20000 rs basic limit for the month and on one day paytm allows up to 10000.

How to Increase Limit of Business Account

Can we increase the limit? yes, it can increase how? let’s check how to increase Business account limit

  • Go to profile option or 3 horizontal lines.
  • Scroll down and move to “PAYMENT SOURCES AND CHARGES “.
  • This feature will ready to find your monthly limit.
  • It will tell you each detail for charges. then click on upgrade
    • Select the business type (proprietorship, PVT ltd etc all option will there).
    • Choose a business category (like education, according to your business).
    • Then add a subcategory.
    • Add business pan card detail.
    • enter a full business name.
    • Provide a display name.
    • Give primary contact detail (should be the owner’s details ).
    • provide address, city, pin code & state.
    • Operational address and business address is same then select operational options. either enter other address.
    • You can add another bank account as per your need.
    • Click on continue.

*Note if you do not have business pan card so change the business account detail in proprietorship and fill your pan card with your name.

Paytm takes 24-48 hours for verifying it. if it is got any problem it will let you know over on call or email. after correcting error you can again apply to it.

How to Use | Check Account Settlement

Coming to Account settlement option. Paytm Business app dashboard having two option in the front first one is Payment and the second one is Account settlement.

The Payment option shows your income. And settlement option uses to transfer wallet money to direct bank account. For settlement minimum 50 Rs balance should be required.

By default within one day paytm settlement amount to bank account direct. but for manually go to Settlement option select amount and click on proceed. Yeppiiiiiiii

How To Delete Account

Do you want to delete your paytm business | merchant account. lets follow step.

  • Login your account.
  • Go to setting.
  • Select Profile options.
  • Choose account detail.
  • scroll down and check the “DEACTIVATE ACCOUNT”.
  • select a valid reason. Click on deactivate.
  • within 1-2 working days Paytm will delete your Paytm business | merchant account.

*Note If you do not find deactivate option on your app. Try to do this process from desktop / Laptop. After deleting you will not able to receive any kind of amount on direct to your bank account. For this Paytm will take charges as per their norms.

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